Tips to Relieve Yourself from Joint Pains

Joint pains can be the result of various types of injuries. Joint pains faced by sportspersons, athletics, footballers, are much different from people with Arthritis and other chronic diseases. In case you are experiencing pain in your joint like the knees or the elbows, it is better to go for a checkup and not to ignore the situation.
Most causes of joint pains are harmless but resolving it as soon as possible will help you to avoid long term problems as well as help you to lead a pain-free life.
Joint pains should not be taken very lightly as pain indicates injury to the ligaments, or tendons of the concerned point. Joint pains can also indicate inflammation or joint infection.
MMUSA has been in the sports industry for years, and throughout their experience that have encountered several cases of joint pains faced by athletes, cyclists, and sports personalities. Go through this blog to know about the arsons of joint pains.
In our eCommerce store, we have numerous types of diet and sports supplements. Few of them are dedicated to joint pains. You can check them out for quick joint pain reliefs.

What are joints Pain?

Areas, where the bones meet with one another, are known as joints. Few joints of our body include:
· Shoulder Joints
· Elbow joints
· Wrist joints
· Hip joints
· Knee Joints

What Is a Joint Pain?

Any kind of discomfort arises in the joint can result in inflammation or pain. Joint pain is a common complaint that a physician or doctor receives. Joint pains can be the result of an injury or illness. Athletics and sportsman are frequently experienced joint pains owing to the amount of physical exercise they do. The other causes of joint pain may Arthritis. There are two main types of arthritis:
· Osteoarthritis
· Rheumatoid Arthritis

Most Common Sports Injuries

Whether you are a gym trainer, a weekend gym visitor, or a professional athlete, overuse of the joint can lead to injured, ache, inflammation and more. 

Here are a list of the most common strains and pains that a sports person face:

  • Hip Flexor Strain: The muscles on the upper front side of the thigh are known as hip flexors. They lift the knee towards the trunk. Sports injuries in this muscle are caused by running, sprinting, and other activities that require sudden turns. 
  • Shoulder Joint Pain: Shoulder joint pain can be caused due to strain and sprain. The pain can be associated with numbness, soreness, stiffness and more. Shoulder Joint pain comes from the injury of the soft tissue. Also, bad sleeping posture and other serious conditions can give rise to shoulder joint pain. 
  • Knee Pain: Knee pain affects people of all ages. It may be the result of an injury or a ruptured ligament. Medical conditions like arthritis can also lead to knee pain. Lack of Knee braces and physical therapy can reduce knee pain. If you are going through extreme exercise try reducing it or change your workout routine.

Our body is a machine. We understand body fitness is essential but it is not a great idea to overstrain the body. Therefore, in case you are experiencing joint pains, consult the physician. Try the joint pain supplements from MMUSA to prevent all forms of physical pains. Available capsules in our online shop are OPIUS AM and OPIUS PM. Joint pain relief supplements are available in the Powder form is named OSTEO. If the pain increases with time you must rush to your nearest physician.

The science behind muscle soreness after exercise

Joint and muscle pains are not only faced by people who are nearing their old age or people who have diabetes but sports personalities who exercise daily can face muscle and joint soreness too. Let us take a look into the reasons why they come across such painful situations.
Sports enthusiasts are the ones who start and end their day with a new activity pushing themselves harder day by day. When you are pushing your muscles, it causes microscopic damage to the muscle fibers. Thus, the result is muscle stiffness, soreness and also pain in the joint.
One morning you wake up for your morning workout, and there you lift heavier, push yourself harder. So, after a satisfying workout, you return home and find out that you are too sore, or painful to pull your legs out of your bed.
Many of us also experience, pain the joints, burning sensation in the muscles for hours. Aching of the muscles us okay but why do our joints ache after exercise. Aching of the joints is an indication that you have exercised more or you have caused more damage than the ability to repair normally. Joint ache is also an early sign of arthritis.
Here are a few tips which can help you to control your joint pains and inflammation proactively.

Back pain can be treated in the following ways:

  1. Relaxing: Joints need some rest. Therefore, the best way to reduce joint pain is to relax and take some time of rest. In case you have joint pain make sure that you do not overstress that area.
  2. Start Physical Therapy: Physical therapy reinforces muscles and joints. Thus, a gym trainer or a therapist can suggest your muscle and joint strengthening exercises which will surely keep your joints healthy. A therapist has the idea if your body proportions and they will suggest your expert tips for the best recovery.
  3. Icepacks are certainly helpful: Ice works wonder in reducing pain and inflammation. Take an ice pack and put it over the inflamed area for a few minutes. It will reduce the swelling and will relieve you from the pain.
  4. Massage: Massage, Spa or physiotherapy relaxes the muscles. Therefore, to cope with the pain you can massage the trigger point. An experienced massage specialist knows the target points and can save you from pains with a few sessions.
  5. Tips for new bees: If you are new to the gym, never opt for the tough exercises within a few days. There is an exact time for every task, therefore, the trainer will guide you when you are going to opt for the rigorous exercises. Till then cardio, aerobics, strength training are the best options.
    Stretching is a must before exercising: Stretch the muscles for about 10 minutes. This will prevent sore muscles and joint pain. Jogging, Arm movements, will help you gradually pick up the pace.

Remember prolonged muscle, bone or joint pain after exercise is a sign of injury. To keep yourself safe from all these serious conditions it is best to take precautions. The below-mentioned pain relief supplements can help.

If you occasionally have moderate pre or post-workout Joint pain. TRY THIS!

MMUSA’s range of joint pain relief supplements works wonder. It is prepared with anti-inflammatory properties which will surely help you prevent joint pains. Let's have a look into the benefits of using these pain relief supplements:

  • OPIUS AM: Opius AM contains DL-phenylalanine (DPA) which blocks the enzymes to decrease pain. Endorphins help in reducing pain as they are the body’s natural pain killer. This product also contains D-Phenylalanine, which helps in extending the action of natural pain killers. The B6 present in Osteo AM cuts the negative impacts of certain pain-causing compounds that flares up rheumatoid arthritis. Consumption of this pain relief supplement from MMUSA is safe and you can enjoy a pain-free life.

  • OPIUS PM: An expectational joint care supplement that accelerates healing and promotes recovery. Opium PM is manufactured with key ingredients like Vitamin B6, DL- Phenylalanine, PHENYLETHYLAMINE HCI (PEA), L-TRYPTOPHAN and more. This supplement also works by blocking the enzymes that break endorphins. It is surely a safe alternative for all those who want to feel better overnight.

  • OSTEO: Created to support healthy joints, OSTEO powder is packed with the powerful blend of green-lipped mussels extract. This product also contains Omega-3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, minerals, and other anti-inflammatory properties. MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) is added to this product to repair joints, and help form connective tissues. Osteo has added turmeric root extract to protect the cells from oxidative stress and supports healthy joints.

8 Signs of Joint Pain

Sports injuries can affect any part of the body. The most affected parts are the muscles, bones, and joints. Here are a few signs of Joint Pain:

  1. Joint Swelling,
  2. Joint Redness,
  3. Joint Tenderness,
  4. Joint Warmth,
  5. Limping,
  6. Locking of The Joint,
  7. Stiffness,
  8. Weakness.

Joint Pain Relief Supplements

Joint pain has been the most concerning issues around sports enthusiasts. There are more than millions of people who suffer from serious pain in the joints
As there is a wide range of effective arthritis and joint pain supplements available in the market, you can easily reduce your pains. Moreover, they come in a combination of anti-inflammatory properties, pain-relieving ingredients, and Vitamin B6 properties. Supplements are one of the treatments which doctors recommend. Pain is something that affects us mentally and physically. Therefore, It is very essential to find treatment for relief.
Joint pains have several reasons, for example, back pain is the result of sitting for the whole day, it can be also the result of muscle or ligament strains from pushing or pulling something really heavy, it can also be the result of extreme exercise or arthritis.
Serious conditions must be resolved only by speaking with a specialist. MMUSA Joint pain Supplements are meant to protect cells from oxidative stress and deterioration. It also supports healthy joints and offers cardiovascular support.
"Prevention is always better than cure."
So, in case you want to keep yourself free from all kinds of back and joint pains, surely use our natural joint care formulas. Visit our website or call us at 1-888-231-4703 for more information.

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