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Mind and mood are essential for our physical well-being. Having physical strength does not only makes us strong. Rather, our overall body functions equally and helps us lead an organized life. Studies have shown that focusing on exercises can treat mental disorders like depression in particular. Moreover, mood enhancer and DOPAMINE PRECURSOR supplements also create emotional balance. For effective mind booster supplements contact the Protein Powder Wholesale Distributors in the USA.

Let us answer a few very easy questions.

When is the last time you just sat and did nothing?

When did you last see the sunset relaxing beside a quiet place?

When was the last time you have enough time to communicate with your parents or loved ones?
When did you have a laugh with your hearts open?

Do you listen to your favorite music often or do not find time to do so?


There are so many things that can do to relax us, but we do not even get the chance to even think of it. The result is our mind gets polluted with negative thoughts coming from all the work pressure or the various other activities surrounding us.

Under depression and anxiety, problems are often left untouched and many of us fail to accept that we are depressed. Not only that depression can lead to losing interest in pursuing life. Increase of depression results in suicidal instincts and nervous breakdown in extreme cases.

Know The 5 forms of Depression

As normal human beings everyone of us do not have expertise in psychological games. Well, the doctors do! But how many of us even think of consulting a psychiatrist. Very less! In this blog let us discuss a few forms of depression.

Depression is a period of grief and sadness. The reason for anxiety fades away with time, but in case, it doesn't or becomes difficult to fight – Consult the doctor.


Here are a few forms of depression:

MAJOR DEPRESSION: Also known as major depressive disorder almost 16.2 million in the U.S has experienced this disorder. There is no obvious reason for this kind of depression. The symptoms can last for weeks and months. Surely needs professional consultancy.


PERSISTENT DEPRESSION: This kind of depression lasts for nearly two years. Also known as chronic depression it can make your daily task difficult, bring hopelessness and lower self-esteem. A long-term type of depression usually lasts for years at a time.


ANXIETY: Anxiety is not a declared form of depression but anxiety is associated with depression. A depressed individual experience anxiety symptom, like panic attacks. More serious cases are Social Phobia, Panic disorder and more.


BIPOLAR DEPRESSION: This is a serious type of depressive state where the person tends to face wide mood swings leading to hopelessness. Bipolar is usually characterized by mood swings – at times you may be extremely happy and another you may lose the hope of living.


POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION: Also known as post-natal depression, this type of depression is extremely common among new mothers. It is due to lack of sleep, hormone changes, and the feeling of responsibility of having a child. The signs of ailment include hopelessness, tiredness, feeling of desolation and more. If not treated it can lead to harming the child or failing to bond with them.



“50% Of the People Who Die in America by Committing Suicide, Suffer from Major Depression“

“Depression affects nearly 6-8% of Americans at the age of 18“

“85 to 90% of People treated with Depression recovers easily“


People who suffer from depression do not even know that they are sick. Everyday stress is a common thing in this modern world but you must look for help at the right time. MMUSA makes itself available with the right supplements to boost mental health. Positively take a tour around our website and look for the supplements to boost your mind and mood.

How Can We Fight Against Depression?

Think about the things which make you depressed: Sometimes depression comes from circumstances that you have faced in your life. Not having job satisfaction, unable to confess that you want to end the marriage, unable to say that you love some other lady, not having sexual satisfaction, financial problems, losing your closed ones and a lot more. You must remember, that something that you have lost cannot come back. On the other hand, if you cannot satisfy yourself then, naturally, you will not be able to satisfy others. So, do not be depressed find the remedies of your depression soon.

Exercise daily: Yoga can help you bring peace and rest in your mind. The mind is closely related to the body and if you remain anxious and depressed surely you will find no energy and eagerness to work well. Exercise restores peace in the mind and lets you fight any difficult circumstances.

Anti-Depressants and mood enhancers are very essential: Natural mood enhancers can boost memory and enhance your mind. The amino acids found in the supplements help in improving mental alertness and fight depression. We are one of the eminent Protein Powder Wholesale Distributors in the USA. Our mood enhancer supplement known as UPLIFT, not only eliminates restlessness but also focuses on the emotional well-being. The result is you can be happier and emotionally balanced with regular intake of this complete mood enhancer.



• It energizes and activates the brain.

• It reduces psychological stress

• It improves psychological stability.

• Yoga increases flexibility.

• It promotes the proper functioning of the brain.

• Reduces the impact of stress.

• It improves energy and helps us fight long term pain.

Is There Any Strict Diet for People Suffering From Depression?

There are no specific diet plans that can fix the depressions. You must be mentally prepared to fight all types of negative thoughts. It's a good idea to have control of whatever you eat. Reduce consuming junk foods and eat healthily. Have timely sleep and stop thinking negative. If depression results in overeating and continuously have food cravings, surely speak with a dietician and get in control of your diet to feel better.


Research shows that the rate of Americans becoming stressed is increasing day by day. Therefore, in this blog, we bring you a few ways to deal with your stress.

The above mentioned reasons are sure to invite stress. We all know that excessive anxiety is not good for both our mind and health, it can affect the productivity of work. Here are a few tips to deal with your office stress:

Sharing Thoughts

Sometimes the best stress reducer that works within a short time frame is by sharing your thoughts. The act of talking is out giving a sense of calmness. And if you have a colleague who is also a trustworthy friend surely open up, you’re the reason for your stress.

Exercises can boost health issues

When you are extremely focused on work your physical health is neglected. This is where you must support the health with good nutrition and stress releasing exercises.

Aerobics help to boost mental health

Research has shown, that aerobic exercises improves sleep, stress and also mood. Not only that it also improves waistline, posture, and bone. Moreover, Yoga and meditation can boost your emotional stability, brain functioning, and confidence. So, make sure that you exercise daily to reduce your office stress.

Avoid Excessive drinking of alcohol and tobacco

Tobacco and alcohol alleviate stress and can cause health issues. In case you are facing too many issues of stress and depression reduce smoking. But people under work pressure follows the opposite path – they smoke and drink frequently. People have a habit of the late-night party and attending office the next day must avoid these to lead a normal life.

Cardio Exercises That Can Get You Moving

SKIPPING ROPE JUMP: Skipping is great for the overall fitness. It is not only a great warm-up but also the main exercise. The benefits of skipping include cardiovascular fitness, stamina, leg strength, balance full-body workout, flexibility, endurance, and calorie burning.

DANCING: Dancing is a great way to blow off the stress. You may think that dancing is limited to hip hop or Zumba classes. But that is surely not true. Therefore, in case you are looking forward to

POWER WALKING: The first 30 minutes professional recommend intense aerobic exercises. Therefore, power walking a is an amazing type of walking performed steadily and energetically. It consists of arm movements, wide footsteps, and power walking.

BOXING: Boxing for approx. 30 minutes can burn 450 calories of fat. Boxing is preferred by celebrity footballer David Beckham. Therefore, you can try this unique mind relaxing procedure.

HIKING: Hiking is one of the best ways to improve your health and mind. It not only increases cardiovascular fitness but also boost your emotional well-being.

CYCLING: Cycling is an amazing way to reduce depression and will surely get you moving. It lets you out into nature. Moreover, when you cycle focus is the main way to have a safe ride. It lets you be in a meditative state without actually having to meditate. Moreover, when you cycle you cannot think of deep problems as you must be aware of not to break the traffic or hurt people.

A fit body and mind are very essential to stay happy. MMUSA is among the most reliable Protein Powder Wholesale Distributors in the USA. Visit our website to check our wide variety of products.


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