Power Up With These Muscle Building Supplements

As a bodybuilder or a serious athlete, you’ll have surely heard about muscle building supplements and how they can help your workouts. Well, bodybuilding supplements can do that and more. They can power you up for more intense sessions, help your body recover faster and make it easier to achieve your goals. So, should you go out and get all those supplements in a bid for bodybuilding success? No!

You need to step back and consider a few things. What do you know about muscle building supplements? You probably know that you need muscle building protein supplements. However, that is just one part of a much bigger world. After all, there are far too many supplements in the market these days. To get the most effective results, you need to know which ingredients your body needs.


You simply cannot ignore protein especially if you are an athlete. Being the foundational nutrient for all muscles, everyone needs an ample amount of protein in regular diets. For bodybuilders, the protein forms the bulk of everything they consume. So, why do you need so much protein? Keep reading.

How Do Protein Muscle Building Supplements Work?

During exercise, the muscles are damaged which forces the body to call upon its protein reserves to start repairing. The more muscles you work, the more damage you will experience, resulting in an increased demand for protein. Consuming a lot of protein ensures that your body doesn’t start breaking down tissues simply to get the protein required for recovery. For this reason, muscle building recovery supplements are often recommended for athletes after workout sessions. In addition to recovery, your body needs protein for maintenance. Lean muscles demand a lot of protein to maintain their size and mass. If protein is unable for maintenance, you will begin to lose your hard-earned muscles. That is something you definitely want to avoid as a bodybuilder.

Studies have shown that the combination of protein supplementation and resistance exercises can result in significantly higher gains of strength and muscle mass. In short, you cannot ignore protein muscle building supplements in your path to bodybuilding success. After all, you simply cannot rely on foods alone when your protein requirements are far more than what a regular person needs.

Types of Muscle Building Protein Supplements

When it comes to protein supplements, the most popular choice is, without any doubt, whey protein and for good reason. Our bodies can digest whey faster and more easily than other proteins. It also has a better effect on the body. Other common kinds of protein include casein, soy, and plant-based protein. Soy and plant protein are the best alternatives for vegetarians, the vegans and those who are lactose intolerant.

Whatever your choice is, the fact is that muscle building protein supplement recipes are easy to find and make. As such, you can improve your meals with some protein easily and effectively. Products like GOAT Protein can be an excellent choice for all your protein requirements.

Branched Chain Amino Acids

Branched chain amino acids, or BCAAs for short, are actually a group of 3 amino acids. They are valine, leucine, and isoleucine. These are critical for the body, more so for bodybuilders and other strength athletes. During training, BCAAs can prove to be invaluable. They can prolong your performance and also promote your recovery. They may even lead to increased muscle growth by reducing the breakdown of muscles. Studies have definitively shown that BCAA consumption can reduce fatigue levels which makes them an essential part of your muscle building supplementation plan.

Benefits of BCAA Muscle Building Supplements

BCAAs can be naturally consumed through foods with high protein content. However, like protein, you should consider muscle building supplements with BCAAs. As for supplementation, they can bring about increased levels of energy. They can also improve protein synthesis while boosting your overall power and strength. Moreover, they enhance your muscle building potential. Even on those days when you don’t train, you should consume BCAAs as they lower muscle breakdown, allowing you to maintain your lean body mass.

It is a great idea to combine BCAAs with protein in a supplement. At MMUSA, you can get BCAA Omega for the perfect blend of protein and BCAAs.


Occurring naturally in the muscle cells, creatine is among the primary sources of energy at the cellular level. Creatine powers all of your movements, from the blinking of your eyes to the lifting of weights. The body naturally produces the creatine it needs. You can also get some creatine foods, especially red meat. However, the amounts are rather low. Since bodybuilders need more creatine, you need creatine muscle building supplements to make up the deficit.

The Advantages of Creatine Muscle Building Supplements

As a muscle building supplement, creatine can offer a number of advantages. For starters, it can significantly increase lean muscle mass, especially when combined with strength training. It improves your overall muscle strength. During your training sessions, creatine will improve your performance along with your blood flow and. After your workouts, it reduces your muscle soreness and even inflammation caused by your exercises.

Due to all the advantages offered by creatine, you simply cannot ignore it in your bodybuilding regimen. Getting quality muscle building supplements with creatine will bring about significant improvements in the results you get.

You can use a serum like Creatine HCL Mass Serum to get the benefits of this compound.

Creatinol o Phosphate

Although it sounds similar to creatine, creatinol is actually a different product. It was originally designed to be used as a drug for cardioprotective functions. However, it became recognized for its effects on bodybuilding. Unfortunately, due to its name, it is often mistaken for another form of creatine which it is definitely not. After all, it provides a completely different set of benefits to your workout program. Let us see how creatinol works.

How Creatinol Muscle Building Supplements Work

Creatinol o phosphate, or creatinol, impacts the anaerobic glycolysis phase of the muscles during training sessions. Typically, oxygen is necessary for breaking down glucose molecules for energy which is then used by your muscles. However, during anaerobic glycolysis, enough oxygen is unavailable. As a result, the glucose is broken down into lactate instead.  Now, lactate can quickly build up in the body, exceeding its rate of conversion into energy.

To protect the muscles from the byproducts, the body raises the muscle acidity levels sharply. This is the burning sensation that you feel during your training sessions. It is also the reason for muscular fatigue, cramping and muscular failure. What creatinol does is simply to act as a buffer against the muscle acidity. As a result, your muscles are able to contract despite the presence of lactic acid. In turn, you can stimulate more muscle fibers during the workout. The delay in muscular failure allows you to work out for longer and perform better.

For all of the above reasons, it is an excellent idea to choose creatinol muscle building supplements. Some excellent options include Xxtra Creatinol Serum and Marathon. Moreover, creatinol works better when taken along with beta alanine which is the next item on the list.

Beta Alanine

While beta alanine is an amino acid, it is non-essential. In other words, your body does not use it for synthesizing proteins. So, why is it still beneficial for bodybuilding? Through certain processes, it ultimately ends up reducing the accumulation of lactic acid in your muscles while you exercise. That, in turn, helps you improve your athletic performance. Wondering how this muscle building supplement works? Read on below.

How Beta Alanine Muscle Building Supplements Work?

In a normal state, the histidine levels in the muscles will be high while the levels of beta alanine will be low. As a result, carnosine production, for which beta alanine is responsible, is limited. According to several studies, beta alanine supplementation can increase the levels of carnosine in muscle by as much as 80% and that is just impressive. Now, carnosine can act as a cushion against the lactic acid levels which increase during workouts. As a result, carnosine reduces the acidity, allowing your muscles to feel less fatigued. Since beta alanine is responsible for increased carnosine, it ends up reducing overall fatigue levels.

In fact, beta alanine does more than just that. It helps you exercise for a longer period of time by increasing your time to exhaustion. It can also enhance your endurance levels. You can try the Triathlete Core for getting a powerful blend of creatinol and beta alanine.


One of the vital amino acids, Glutamine serves several functions in the human body. As an amino acid, it is an essential component of protein. At the same time, it has a critical role in the immune system along with intestinal health. While the body can produce glutamine naturally, it can also be found in many kinds of food.  Glutamine, like several other amino acids, has two forms. They are D-glutamine and L-glutamine, each having a marginally different molecular structure. Of these, the most common is L-glutamine and it is often referred to as glutamine in most muscle building supplements. D-glutamine, as per research, is mostly unimportant.

Why Do You Need Glutamine Supplementation?

While your body can produce glutamine on its own, there will be times when your requirements exceed the body’s production capabilities. Bodybuilding happens to be one of those times, especially when you are in your cutting phase. In fact, glutamine is one of the best muscle building supplements for cutting out there. L-glutamine plays critical roles in the metabolism of proteins, anti-catabolism, and cell volumizing. Of these, the anti-catabolism properties are particularly noteworthy. Thanks to this ability, glutamine prevents your muscles from breaking down. As a result, glutamine is particularly beneficial if you are in your cutting down phase of bodybuilding. For example, it will be rather helpful when you are aiming to eliminate body fat without compromising your muscle mass during the summer.

Moreover, glutamine is necessary for various areas of the body for ensuring optimal performance. One of the most critical areas is the immune system. Since glutamine levels decrease during training sessions, the efficiency of your immune system reduces. This is one of the reasons why bodybuilders tend to be more susceptible to different kinds of illnesses. As a result, it is important to have glutamine muscle building supplements. However, this is not for the sake of building supplements. Instead, it is for the maintenance effects that l-glutamine has on the body.

A great supplement option for consuming l-glutamine is Massive Dynamics Post Workout.

These conclude the list of muscle building supplements that you should consider adding to your regular diet. Of course, there are plenty of other compounds and nutrients that have a positive impact on your gains and workouts. However, the ones mentioned above are the primary muscle building supplements that you should focus on.

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