Muscle Building Supplements for Body Builders

Does your status as an amateur bodybuilder embarrass you? Do you feel unhappy during your daily workouts at the gym? May be you feel exhausted constantly and often wish to skip out on your daily workouts. As someone new to the world of bodybuilding, it will certainly take time to become accustomed to a very new and very different environment and even to muscle building supplements.

Nonetheless, it is certainly good news that you want to take your bodybuilding goals to the next level. It does not matter why. For example, you may want to have a body like a celebrity. However, you need to understand that celebrities spend a lot of time and effort in their workouts and diets. As someone just starting out, you shouldn’t expect to follow such regimens immediately. Instead, you need to sit down with your trainer and nutritionist, if any, and draw up plans regarding your workouts, your diets and your muscle building supplements. Remember that it will take some time before you get into the right rhythm and overcome the beginner’s issues.

Problems Faced by Bodybuilders at the Beginning

Here is a list of the common issues that every beginner in the world of bodybuilding faces. Check them out so that you can be prepared for the same.

Muscle Soreness: Let’s face it. You will certainly prefer not to experience muscle sprains and soreness. However, you must not dread them so much as to give up bodybuilding. As a beginner, you will surely experience muscle soreness and even sprains. However, it is mostly because your muscles have not been conditioned yet and ready for daily exercises. While it will certainly take time to adjust and get accustomed to the pain of the muscles, it is possible to reduce it by consuming enough proteins, water and other nutrients. You can also get a muscle building supplement for recovery and repair. They will help your muscles recover from the pain faster, allowing you to get back to your workouts without worries.

The perfect choice of supplement would be Massive Dynamics Pre-Workout as it can provide a massive boost for your workout regimen.

massive dynamics pre workout

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Heat Exhaustion: During intense workouts, the combination of heat and heavy perspiration affects the body’s ability to cool itself. This can result in a condition called heat exhaustion. Symptoms include a feeling of weakness and dizziness. Bodybuilding newbies are more likely to suffer from this as their bodies have not yet accustomed to the intensity of the exercises. Nonetheless, with the proper steps, you will be back on your feet in no time at all. To recover, drink a lot of fluids such as sports drinks and energy drinks to hydrate and replace the lost salt. Other steps you can take include taking a cold shower, using ice towels or sitting under a fan or air conditioner.

Dehydration: Excessive sweating during workouts can lead to dehydration. However, it is quite easy to keep yourself hydrated during your workouts. Don’t forget to drink some water during sets while exercising. You can also consume muscle building supplements to overcome the water loss and rehydrate. Medical experts suggest consuming water immediately after working out during the cooldown phase.

Bruises: Bruises are a part of every athlete’s life no matter what stage of their career they are in. Of course, chances are that you will face some bruises during this initial phase. After all, it takes time to become familiar with the right techniques. Ice cubes can often work wonders in most situations. It is also a good idea to take recovery supplements to protect your body. You should also consume foods rich in vitamins and minerals such as leafy vegetables and citrus fruits.


Massive Dynamics Post Workout supplement

Among supplements, you can consider Massive Dynamics Post Workout. This product is filled with essential vitamins such as C, B 3, B 6, B 9 and B 12 along with creatinol o phosphate and electrolytes. Apart from reducing muscle soreness, it can speed up the recovery.


Tips for Relaxing as You Start Bodybuilding

As you begin a new chapter with bodybuilding, there will be times when you feel overwhelmed and unsure. To help ease the process, we have some tips that you can use. For starters, you can begin with cardio exercises before moving on to lifting weights. This will help you in warming up your body and prepare it for the lifting exercises. Remember that sticking to a proper schedule is vital to get the best results. You must work with your trainer to create such a schedule.

There are generally three sets of workout targets that bodybuilders focus on. They are as follows.

First target: chest, shoulders, triceps

Second target: thighs, hamstrings, abs

Third target: back, calves, biceps

As a bodybuilder, you need to build a proper workout schedule that targets each area effectively and evenly. Never focus on one area to the detriment of the others, especially since you are a beginner. It can affect your chances at competitions. Here are some more tips to help you out.

Cardio is the best exercise.

• Try to build proper muscles with bodyweight exercises at the beginning.

• Don’t start lifting heavy weights right away. It will be some time before you reach there.

6 Best Exercises For Teenagers


Dangers of Bodybuilding in Teenagers and Tips to Help

If you are a teenager, your body is still growing. As a result, bodybuilding is going to have a bigger impact on your growing body. In fact, incorrect exercises can lead to multiple issues that can take years to rectify. For example, putting excessive stress on your skeletal frame can result in injury. It can even lead to several serious health complications down the line.

Workout Tips: Nonetheless, it is a fact that exercising is essential for leading a healthy and physically fit life. Therefore, you should exercise regularly but, as a teenager, you must avoid excessively strenuous actions and exercises. If you are using a commercial gym for your workouts, you should remain wary of heavy weights and machines. Cables and machines will certainly have their uses in a bodybuilding program. However, they should not be your only form of exercise. Work with a trainer to map out your progression. You should focus on light loads at first before moving on to the heavy ones as guided by your trainer.

Muscle Gains Tips: Pushing yourself into heavy training right away can lead to muscle soreness and other more serious issues. Moreover, it can quickly demotivate you and you will slowly lose the enthusiasm to continue working out. It takes years to develop quality gains that can floor the competition. Some of the most famous bodybuilders worked for years before they were recognized. You cannot expect to achieve all of that in a few short weeks. As a teenager, your primary focus should be fitness. Incremental gains are quite enough.

Diet and Supplement Tips: It is vital that you keep a proper track of your food intake. This is critical for all bodybuilders. As a teenage bodybuilder, you are primed for developing this into a habit. Now, muscle building supplements for teenagers are an option. However, you should not overdo these products as your body is still growing. Focus on getting all your nutrients through your diet while letting the supplements make up for shortages and protein requirements.

Essential Points to Remember as You Start

The key to success in bodybuilding is hard work and determination and they go hand in hand. At the same time, there are a couple of things that you must absolutely focus on. There should be no compromises with these points. They are as follows.

Eat Well, Not Restrictively: The diet is a critical component of any bodybuilding regimen. A proper diet will cut down on body fat while promoting muscle growth and maintenance. Following a restrictive diet will not contribute to your goals.

8 Hours of Sleep: These days, daily lives tend to be rather hectic and busy. However, that should not end up affecting your sleep. Getting little sleep is not a way to lead a healthy life. Sleep is essential for the proper recovery and regeneration of muscle tissues among other essential processes. You need to sleep well for 8 hours in a day to allow your body and mind to refresh. This will allow you to perform better towards your bodybuilding goals.




Diets to Follow as Bodybuilders

As mentioned before, it is essential that you consume the right food in the right amounts for bodybuilding success. A good diet will provide all the nutrients that your body needs in the appropriate amounts. Such diets support improved performance during workouts while helping you to lead a healthy life. Some foods that can help you become stronger and bigger are given below.

• Lean meats such as chicken breast or turkey, oil rich fish like salmon and eggs

• Dairy products such as cheese, yoghurt and low fat milk

• Vegetables such as spinach, tomatoes, peppers, and leafy salads

• Fresh fruits like oranges, watermelons and bananas

• Nuts like walnuts and almonds

• For cooking oil, choose healthy options like olive oil and avocado oil

You should also make a supplement plan to fulfill all those macros that you’ll need while working out. Muscle building supplements do more than just provide protein. They also provide other essential nutrients. At the same time, there are formulations designed to improve recovery and performance.


before and after diet plan for you


Boxing Inspired Exercises for Rock Solid Abs

Of course, the other part of bodybuilding is the workouts. There is no shortage whatsoever of beginner workouts for bodybuilding. As such, your choice of exercises will ultimately depend on your muscle building goals along with other factors. Work with your trainer to come with the right set of exercises for building muscles. In the meantime, you can check out the following set of exercises, inspired by boxing, for a sweet set of rock solid abs.

      • Inchworm Push-Up: Side Shoulders, Front Shoulders, Triceps, Wrist Flexors, Traps (neck).
      • Sit-Up with one and two punch: Targets muscles of the abdomen like Rectus Abdominis, Internal & External Obliques.
      • Walking Plank: Strengthen the core muscles as well as upper and lower body muscle groups.
      • Plank Jack: Targets the core muscles along with additional muscle groups such as the quadriceps, biceps, and shoulders.
      • Straight Leg Scissor: Effective abdominal exercise targets the hip flexors and the transverse abdominis.
      • Shoulder tap: A core transverse abdominis exercise. Also targets the triceps, abs, deltoids, glutes, quads, lower back.
      • Sit-Up to Stand Up: Works on the upper leg muscles, lower torso muscles, pectoral or chest muscles.


Boxing Inspired Exercises for Rock Solid Abs


Muscle Building Supplements to Try

Muscle building supplements are certainly useful. However, they should only be taken to supplement a proper diet. At MMUSA, we have a wide range of products created to help bodybuilders maximize their efforts and gains. Some of the products that you can try include the following.

At MMUSA, we strive to fulfill all the energy needs and workout essentials for bodybuilders, cyclists, and sports personalities. You can call us at 1-888-231-4703 or you can even mail us at to know more details related to our products.


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