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Problems Faced by Bodybuilding Enthusiast During Their Preliminary Stage

As an Amateur bodybuilder do you feel emasculated to face all your daily Workouts? Or is it that you constantly feel tired and skipping daily workout routines? As a starter in bodybuilding, you are trying to accustom in an absolutely different environment. Though a celebrity or a body builder’s physique is impressive and hard to ignore, these athletics spend a lot of time in training themselves. As a starter you must have a proper consultation with your trainer about the time you will spend on work out, diet sheet you should follow, which Muscle Building Supplements you must intake and much more. Moreover, also restrict yourself from severe exercise during the first few months.

Here Is a List of Issues Faced by Bodybuilding Enthusiast During Their Preliminary Stage

Muscle Soreness: Muscle sprains and soreness are initially dreaded. Beginners are prone to this as the muscles are not conditioned and prepared for daily exercise. The aching muscles can be unbearable but intaking proper protein and water can help you reduce the pain. A Muscle building supplement can give you extra energy to perform all the required exercise without any exhaustion.

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Heat Exhaustion: The combination of heat and heavy perspiration due to excessive workout takes away the body cooling ability. At that time, you may feel weak, dizzy and depressed. The obvious way of getting out from this situation is to relax in the shade or air conditioning. Drink energy or sports drink for fast hydration.

Dehydration: Due to excessive sweating your body may dry out. The best way to keep yourself hydrated is to keep your shirt on as it acts as a cooling device when the wind blows on wet material. Moreover, Muscle Building Supplements also aid in restoring the water loss from the body. Moreover, experts suggest that you must intake a lot of water post workout.

Bruises: Every athlete will face some bruises not only during the initial stage but also in their advanced stages. If you face this kind of problem application of ice cubes can help you dilate the blood vessels and reduce pain. Intaking vitamin C can also help you build protective collagen. Moreover, to reduce bruises you must take up having citrus fruits, and leafy green vegetables.

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A few more tips to relax your body during the start of your bodybuilding days

During your startup days start with the cardio and then move on to weight lifting. The cardio exercises will warm up your body and make you combat the upcoming weight lifting requirements. Moreover, scheduling is very essential. Ask your gym trainer to fix your timetable.

Workouts are broken into three parts:

• The first workout targets: Chest, Shoulders and triceps

• The second set of workout targets: Thighs, hamstrings, Abs

• The Third set of workout targets: Back Biceps and calves

A 15-year-old body can go to the gym, there is no harm in it. But starting a workout routine like fully grownups can harm the growth. Here are a few things that you must include in your daily exercise:

Cardio is the best exercise.

• Focus on body weight exercises to add muscles.

• Since your body is still growing restrain yourself from lifting heavy weights.

6 Best Exercises For Teenagers

Dangers of Teen Body Building and Type of Exercises That Can Help

Regular exercise is a good habit as it is a part of physical fitness. Since the body of a Teenager is still developing, stressing the skeletal frame can cause injury and further can lead to serious health complications.

As Teenagers, you must do regular exercise but avoid strenuous acts. A commercial place, for example, a gym will make you focus on dumbbell and bodyweight exercises. Incorporating machines and cables as part of your daily exercise can useful but avoid making it your only exercise. Start with light loaded exercises and then slowly move towards heavy exercises under the guidance of your trainer.

Diving Headfast into heavy training can invite muscle soreness and demotivate you to continue with the same enthusiasm. Quality gains take years and are not achieved within a few weeks. Try to gain each day as a teen you need a year of uninterrupted training to build your muscles.

Keep track of your health and food intake. As a teen, you must avoid taking severe muscle building supplements but try to intake moderate protein diet supplements after a consultation with a dietician or trainer can help. Keep track of the progress by keeping the measurement of your body parts from day one.

Important Things That You Must Consider While Thinking of Starting Body Building Classes

As an Amateur you may cringe on the thought of acquiring the stage and thousands of people glaring at you. But the key to natural bodybuilding is determination and hard work. Here are a few facts that you must straighten out when you plan to join the bodybuilding classes:

Eat Well Not restrictively: Reducing the body fay and work hard to strengthen the muscle is your prime goal. But since your body is going through strenuous workouts you must have a well-balanced diet.

Get Enough Sleep: Getting little sleep because you are busy with your daily life is not the solution to a healthy lifestyle. Sleep gives enough time to regenerate the brain and muscle tissue. You must give your body and mind complete time to rebuild itself and only then you can follow the exercises of muscle building.


What Kind of Diet Should I Follow After an Intense Workout?

Eating the right food in the appropriate amount is essential to restore the nutrients in your muscles. Here is a list of foods consuming which can help you grow bigger and stronger:

List of Foods that you must consume:

• Meats, fish and poultry items like the chicken breast, salmon, ground beef and more.

• Consumer Diary products like Yoghurt, cheese, low-fat milk.

• You can also consume starchy vegetables like tomatoes, spinach, cucumber, peppers, mushrooms, leafy salads and more.

• When it comes to fruits choose between orange, banana, grapes watermelons, and peaches.

• Cook your foods with olive oil, avocado oil, and flaxseed oil.

• Nuts like almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, and flax seeds.

• Intake diet supplement to restore the lost fat and energy.

before and after diet plan for you


Boxing Inspired Exercises for Rock Solid Abs

Inchworm Push-Up: Side Shoulders, Front Shoulders, Triceps, Wrist Flexors, Traps (neck).

Sit-Up with one and two punch: Targets muscles of the abdomen like Rectus Abdominis, Internal & External Obliques.

Walking Plank: Strengthen the core muscles as well as upper and lower body muscle groups.

Plank Jack: Targets the core muscles along with additional muscle groups such as the quadriceps, biceps, and shoulders.

Straight Leg Scissor: Effective abdominal exercise targets the hip flexors and the transverse abdominis.

Shoulder tap: A core transverse abdominis exercise. Also targets the triceps, abs, deltoids, glutes, quads, lower back.

Sit-Up to Stand Up: Works on the upper leg muscles, lower torso muscles, pectoral or chest muscles.

Boxing Inspired Exercises for Rock Solid Abs

Muscle Building Supplements Will Include

Bodybuilders take dietary supplements but it can only be beneficial when you intake them along with proper diet. If you are doing your best by intaking healthy foods but still facing deficiency in some areas the muscle building supplements can help. You can choose any of our MMUSA products like the

Goat Protein Muscle Builder Formula,

• Goat Enhanced Organic Protein Whole Body,

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• Pure+ Raw Vegan Protein,

Bcaa Omega Whey Protein Chocolate

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At MMUSA, we strive to fulfill all the energy needs and workout essentials for bodybuilders, cyclists, and sports personalities. You can call us at 1-888-231-4703 or you can even mail us at to know more details related to our products.

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