Is Running the Simplest Form of Exercise?

“Running isn’t a sport for pretty boys… It’s about the sweat in your hair and the blisters on your feet. It’s the frozen spit on your chin and nausea in your gut.”- Paul Maure ”

In our busy and stressful life of 9 to 5 jobs, “RUNNING” ends up to be something that we always want to do, never end up doing it. But what about those who are an actual professional runner. They wake up early morning, freshen up and tie their boots to complete their early morning stretches. In a world where everyone prefers to live in high raised building and cities which never sleep, finding a quiet place becomes difficult. 

But how do runners manage to win trophies? How do they practice staying in cities? They exercise with positivity, dedication and strong will power. MMUSA believes that every runner must care for their body fitness and diet. Since energy comes from the food that we intake, runners must maintain each and every nutrition calculation properly.

We (MMUSA) have been in the fitness industry for years, and our supplement is safe and natural. For us, ‘SAFE’ does not only mean to be a cliché, but it is about producing highly effective supplements so that all the athletes, runners, bodybuilders, and other sports enthusiasts can consume a rich diet and remain healthy. 

Tips for Runners Which Can Be Helpful 

Here are a few tips for the new-bee runner, so that they can become successful in the future. Running is appealing because it does not cost a lot and it is not time-bound. You can run anytime! But running in the sun is not a sensible task. So, wake up early in the morning, and start your running regime: 

  • Timely Rest Is Very Essential During Long Runs: Mixing walking with your run is better than continuously rushing. Walking is like a warm-up. Therefore, walk for one to two minutes, slowly gain up an energy and pick up speed. Similarly, another tip for runners is to rest your body with 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Sleep heals the tendons and muscles and gives you more stamina to perform. Therefore, give your body plenty of rest at night and also in between exercises. 

  • Consult A Doctor Before Starting A Running Program: In case you are above 40 years, positively get a checkup. For medical screening age is not the matter, every athlete can get a   checkup. Pre-exercise screening identifies various medical conditions in people. If left undetected these medical conditions can cause serious health issues. Therefore, before you tap your feet for any kind of exercise positively build a safety net for your benefit. 
  • Choose the Correct Set of Shoes: To avoid blistering choose the correct set of shoes. The runner’s shoes are made of synthetic leather and a combination of mesh material to endure durability and comfort. It also comes with removable insoles for timely cleaning. Wear running socks for extra comfort and flexibility. 
  • Intake Plenty of Fluids and Nutrients: Running means expending a lot of energy. Therefore, you must keep your body hydrated. Try drinking plenty of water before, after and during the activity. An energy drink can give you enough energy to perform without exhaustion. The pre and post running supplements can also help. 

Check out MMUSA inventory for effective runner’s supplements. The benefits of the Runner’s supplements are mentioned below. Go through it to know more.


Top diet supplements for runners

  1. CREATINE ESTER HCL FOR RUNNERS SERUM: This runner's serum will enable you to enjoy the perks of stamina and endurance without having to experience the dreadful side effects of creatine. Anyone looking for a diet supplement to support their strenuous exercise, this serum, can help. The cost of this product is only $60 and each serving is equivalent to 2500 mg of powdered HCL.

  1. MARATHON: This pre-workout formula helps a runner run faster and longer. Marathon diet supplement has Bioperine®, beta-alanine, coenzyme and creatinol-o-phosphate. With this formula, you can easily improve your aerobic capacity and also build leaner muscles quickly. It improves oxygen uptake and extends the lactic acid threshold. Not only that, this supplement soothes the sore tissues and helps you with fast recovery after strenuous training.

Supplements for runners give to the body exactly what it needs. It protects the body's stamina and brings confidence.

ENDURUS II: Looking for a supplement that will give you long-lasting energy? The ENDURUS II has a clinically researched formula designed to fulfill the men’s requirements. The ingredients are natural and safe. Moreover, this product consists of Beta-Alanine, Cordyceps Extract and Rhodiola Rosea to energy and elongated focus. 

VO2 MAX PRE-RACE: This product accelerates EPO and red blood cell production. VO2 Max is all about increasing the fitness level by delivering maximum oxygen and boost muscle performance. This product has ingredients like inositol, vitamin B, beta-alanine, and coenzyme, which ensure optimal performance with your training.

Supplements for runners give to the body exactly what it needs. It protects the body's confidence and stamina to keep the joints healthy. By forcing on nutrition, you can run confidently. Moreover, the damage caused to joints due to extreme exercise gets reduced.

Which are the best places to shop supplements?

Athletes, runners, and sports enthusiasts nowadays consume some or the other type of supplements. Be it muscle building supplements, diet supplements, sex enhancer supplements, sports supplements, stamina enhancer supplements and more, when you are purchasing a supplement online you can understand whether the website is authentic or not by looking at the following details.

Follow the website closely:A good website will be easy to navigate and you do not need to struggle to find out the products. Read the About Us, Privacy Policy and Contact Us details.

Means of payment:Check whether the website is secure and there are enough payment means. A safe and secure online supplement seller will surely dedicate themselves to quality customer services.

The reputation of the online seller: When it comes to purchasing supplements, it means you are looking forward to increasing your energy. Therefore, the reputation of the shop matters the most.

Ingredients used in the products:  Before purchasing any kind of diet supplement positively check on the ingredients used in the supplement. For example, those who have lactose intolerance, must not intake creatine rather they should opt for whey protein supplements.

Tips for Runners to Boost Joint Health and Stamina

Running is the best option to strengthen the bones and muscles. But runners must take care of their joints in advance. Read our blog to know about the right tips which Runners need to know about Joint health.

Take a quick look into the essential guide to protect your joint with MMUSA natural supplements like the Osteo AM, Osteo PM, Osteo.

For professional runners maintaining a healthy lifestyle is extremely essential. Food is like a fuel for them. A runner must have a diet plan which will include – What to eat before and during your runs. What to drink and how much to consume. Go through the infographic for details.

How Often Should A Runner Run? 

Honestly speaking two days in a week of the fastest run is essential enough to practice for a runner. Those who believe “to succeed you must run every day is extremely wrong.” Your, body needs rest, and only rest can heal your body and give you the stamina to perform better. 

Therefore, if you are not an athlete, and you are running with the motive to lose weight or to remain fit, follow this routine. 

  • To Establish A Positive Habit of Exercise:Running 30 minutes a day, is a great goal for a beginner runner. Not only that it is a great way to establish positivity in your body. The half-an-hour running not only improves the physical well-being it also improves heart health. 
  • If your motive is to lose weight:If your motive is to lose weight then you must run as often as you like. Begin with a temp run to increase the endurance level. Next, follow a speed workout to build speed, to increase the raw endurance you can opt for the long run. The rest of the days you can implement strength training, cardio or exercises as guided by your trainer.

These are only a few bits of advice for those who want to embrace running as their prime exercise. Proper Supplements not only fulfills the nutrition deficiency but also gives you the strength to perform. For more details about our runner's supplements or other varieties, contact us at 1-888-231-4703.

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