How to Get Back In Shape after the New Year Holidays

The New Year’s nearly here and the holidays are almost over. As you recover from the festive joy, the last thing you want to hear is that you’ve gained weight from your co-workers or your buddies. Unfortunately, that’s going to be true for most of us. After all, who’s got time to stick to the best bodybuilding supplements when there are pies and gravies and warm buttered rolls to go all around?

Don’t feel bad though. The holidays come around once a year and you should certainly make merry. However, know that those indulgences have a cost. As the year turns around, you need to gear up, shed all those pounds and get back in shape quickly.

So, how do you do it? Take a look at the following steps and you’ll be rocking your shaped body once again before the colder months are over!

Make a Plan

As the festivities wind down, break out your calendar and start making a schedule. Make sure that you plan out all the details of your workouts and their timings. Simply sticking to the one you had before the holidays isn’t going to cut it at all. After all, it doesn’t take into account the weight you gained during the festivities. Strategize the consumption of your workout supplements as well. If you want, add some new bodybuilding supplements to give your body the extra push it needs to get rid of the excess pounds.

Find Your Inspiration Again

It’s easy to lose focus during the holidays with all the festive cheer that goes around. Even when it’s over, you might still be feeling the rush. It’s not easy getting back into a workout routine in that mindset. You need to find your inspiration once again. Read something inspiring or watch an inspiring video of your role model. You can also find an inspiring quote and adopt it as your mantra. Repeat and remind yourself of this inspiring mantra throughout the day and during workouts. You’ll surely start feeling a lot better about your workouts again.

Get the Best Bodybuilding Supplements

Let’s not kid ourselves about the importance of bodybuilding supplements. They help you train better for longer, help you recover faster and generally contribute to overall improvement. When recovering from the festive pounds, muscle building supplements can be incredibly beneficial. With the best gym supplements, you will lose weight and gain muscles faster. At the same time, they will help you stay healthy and feel better. Creatine supplements like Creatine HCL Mass Serum are an excellent choice for bodybuilders to maximize their workout sessions.

Chuck out Water Weight

When taking note of all those pounds gained during the holidays, keep in mind that some of them might be due to water weight. This is all the more possible if you were on a low-carb diet before all the festivities. A diet low in carbs causes muscles to lose glycogen which results in extra water weight loss. Increased carbs in your diet will have the opposite effect. Considering how rich holiday foods are in carbs, it is entirely possible that you have gained some water weight. The good thing is that it is extremely easy to get rid of water weight. Simply switching to your regular diet will eliminate most of it in a few days.

Never Go Overboard on Cardio

Let’s face it. After the holidays, you get on the scale and have a proper shock when you check the pounds gained. What’s your first instinct? It’s probably to spend the next few days on the treadmill to get all the cardio you can get while drastically dropping your food intake. This is an issue and a major one. Excessive cardio with lowered calorie intake can boost muscle loss. Now, as a bodybuilder, you will not want to lose muscle mass, especially at this stage. It will become harder to overcome the loss and maintain the right weight.

There’s another reason to avoid going down this road. If you spend more time on cardio, it means you are spending less time on lifting. Now, lifting is really what you must be doing at this stage. If you want to get back your bod, lifting needs to be one of the primary components of your workout plan.

The most effective route will be a combination of a little cardio with a robust strength training regimen. The cardio will help burn off some calories while lifting will help you boost your muscle growth.  Combine it with a supplement to build muscle and burn fat and you will be getting back your pre-holiday bod in no time at all.

Set the Right Goals

As a bodybuilder, you surely know the importance of setting goals. However, don’t fool yourself into setting unrealistic goals after the holidays. You just cannot will yourself to losing weight any faster than your body can. If you have put on several pounds, it is quite unrealistic if you aim to lose them all in a week or so. If you force yourself to do it, you’ll undoubtedly put your health at risk. Even if you don’t, the unrealistic expectations are sure to disappoint and demotivate you. That poor state of mind will, in turn, affect your performance during workouts, making it harder to lose that extra weight. All the best bodybuilding supplements in the world can’t help you if that happens.

Learn to set smart goals that are achievable but challenging enough to keep things interesting.

Get Your Diet Right

Not everyone maintains a bodybuilder’s diet for the holidays. Now that the revelry is over, it is time to get back to your regular diet. Right? Not quite. To compensate for all the sugar, carbs and alcohol consumed, you need to make some slight modifications to your diet for a few days.

Let’s start with the sweet stuff. All of that sugar intake during the holidays can be rather addictive leading to cravings. So, get rid of all sweets from your diet for at least a week to overcome the cravings. It will also give your body time to adjust as insulin levels tend to spike when we consume foods rich in sugar.

Remember all those eggnogs you had? Well, your body sure does. Next to sweets, alcoholic drinks will be one of the biggest contributors to empty calories during the holidays. Moreover, being liquid, it is easy to lose track of all the calories in all the drinks you had. If you normally are an occasional drinker, it is time to cut off all alcohol till you get back in shape. If you want to drink, go for beverages that are low-calorie and healthy. Green tea, freshly squeezed fruit juice and even just water are all excellent choices. You may even get the best post-workout supplement drink to refresh yourself after exercising.

Proteins and Bodybuilding Supplements for Women and Men

After all the foods you must avoid, it’s time to know what foods you should consume to recover that pre-holiday bod. The answer is easy and it is protein. While carbs are certainly vital to bodybuilding, you should focus on proteins more while you are trying to burn off the holiday fat. Proteins will keep you feeling fuller for longer. Moreover, they help the body recover faster from strenuous workouts. Greek yogurt, salmon, and chicken are all excellent protein sources. Apart from protein, consider adding the best bodybuilding supplements. The best pre-workout for building muscle can go a long way in maximizing your training performance.

Losing the holiday cheer in your waist is not necessarily a big deal. Depending on how much you have gained, some effort will certainly be necessary. Of course, as mentioned earlier, having the best bodybuilding supplements will go a long way in helping you achieve that goal.

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