Break Free from These Pro Cycling Myths

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Considering how long cycling has been around, it is easy to see why many cyclists accept certain statements as facts when they are nothing more than myths. The pro cycling world is filled with many of these statements being tossed around. Some are about the Cycling performance-enhancing supplements and some about the sport itself. While mostly harmless, these myths often end up keeping you from maximizing your performance such as the one about supplements.

We are going to help you separate the fact from fiction so that you can give your best in every race.


Racers and Cyclists, are you ready to give the Myths a strong fight?

Cycling is a dangerous sport:

When we keep hearing the same statement, again and again, we end up believing it. An NFL-affiliated doctor named Joseph Maroon suggested in an interview that cycling might be a dangerous sport compared with football. The rate of accidents during the cycle races are more.

The Myth conclusion: Daniel Kanheman in his acclaimed book “Thinking Fast and Slow” mentioned that the quickest way to make someone believe in falsehood is by frequent repetition. There is a risk in every kind of sport may be the rate of death are more but there are enough safety measures to keep yourself protected. But with sufficient research and study, it was proved that cycling and football are both two different games and there are risks involved in every kind of sport. To protect yourself use the helmet and abide by the traffic rules. Moreover, when it comes to racing, you must follow the guideline to avoid crashes. I will mention a few pro cycling tips in the next blog. Keep following us for better knowledge.


Cycling is Expensive:

It is said that cycling is the most expensive game because you have to expend a lot of money on purchasing the bike, next comes the accessories. Moreover, as a pro cyclist, you will always need to expend money on bike repairing. Overall cycling is a very expensive game.


The Real Truth: Cycling is not the cheapest sport but it is not a very expensive game as well. To participate in a race expending $2,000 is the minimum and from there it will increase. Moreover, participating in a bicycle is a one-time investment. Moreover, as compared to racing bikes, a racing bicycle is much cheaper.


Pump The cycle tire as hard as possible:

One of the myths goes thus that pumping the tire as hard as possible can decrease the rolling resistance and help a cyclist pick up speed faster.


The Real Truth: But research proved that when the surface is super smooth like the velodrome a wider tire with lower pressure is far better fir the cycling champ to brag the best trophies. Wider tires are just perfect to soak up the imperfections of the road, which is for lowering the resistance. Cycle with wider tires does not puncture easily owing to its large air volume.


The Myth of Fast Bikes:

Bikes are neither fast nor slow but they are either expensive or budget bikes. People invest thousands of dollars in buying a racer bike to win races. The myth of faster bikes goes thus that Faster bikes will help you pick up speed and are extremely lightweight.


Let’s break off the myth: According to physics, a cycle is a stationary object which only becomes mobile when someone drives it. The human legs play an important role and pedaling the bike is the most critical component. Therefore, when an object with the use of human legs is stationary how can it be called faster Bikes.

Pro Athletes use the lightest equipment because they need to operate in an entirely different environment. Riding a good bike is like a breeze and you can come across all hurdles. Therefore, to be faster you need to work on your racing skills, rather than investing thousands of dollars or pounds on a fast cycle or bike.


Protein Will Make you a leaner Cyclist:

The Myth on consumption protein will make you a leaner cyclist because to give the best performance cyclists need to have a slim body and they avoid consuming anything that will make them heavier. Protein has been always associated with weight training, and cyclist believes that protein intake will add pounds of heavy muscle and it will become difficult for them to ride the unusual paths of the race.


Myth truth Revelation: From the perspective of nutrition for professional athletes, protein directs muscle development and growth when it is combined with resistance exercises. But protein slows down digestion and lowers the food rating. It prevents high energy carb from increasing or decreasing your blood sugar level. Pro cyclist those who are looking forward to climbing the hill faster can get better results by intaking protein supplements for cyclist. Increasing protein intake while reducing calories will lead to a gentle fat loss. Therefore, a protein supplement will not make you a leaner cyclist rather will help you boost your performance.

 Rules of safe Cycling

Above all myths, there is always an underlying risk in a sport. Be it weight lifting, running, cycling, swimming or whatever you can think about. Therefore, being a professional cyclist here are a few safety rules which every cyclist must follow.

• You must follow all the rules, traffic control signals, and road markings.

• Maintain the right side and use the farthest right lane to reach your destination.

• Check and signal the traffic when you are about to change lanes.

• Wearing a helmet is a must. For cyclists’ race is all about climbing mountains and reaching the uneven spots. Therefore, always wear a helmet while to keep you from a major accident.

• Practice in the area you will be racing.

Pro Cyclists are sportsmen and they must be dedicated to their sports. Myths can be fatal if they start believing in them. Therefore, once you decide that you want o to participate in a race or a sport start by maintaining proper guidelines. There is a major difference between reality and myth. Just like the difference between facts and reality, pro cyclists must follow the reality to climb up the stairs of success. MMUSA being one of the top supplement sellers for cyclists believes that practice, proper diet, and dedication is the key to become one of the most popular athletes. Therefore, it’s time to overcome the cycling myths and give your best in your upcoming race. Check out our pro cyclist supplements from the “supplement for the cyclist” section on our website. To know more about us you can simply go through our blogs.