Boost Gains in 2020 with Top 10 Bodybuilding Bloggers!

boost gains in 2020 with bodybuilding bloggers

In a few short days, we will be welcoming 2020. Do you know what this means? It means you are due for a recap of 2019! So, how was 2019 for your bodybuilding goals? Did you manage to hit all of them or even exceed them? Don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t! With the right steps, you can boost your results in 2020!

It does not matter what your bodybuilding goals are in 2020. The fact is that nobody can sculpt a fantastic bod alone. We all need help at times. You are sure to have questions, queries, thoughts and confusions regarding how you can exceed and move to the next level. The great thing is that there are others who feel the same. In fact, many bodybuilding pros and experts have felt the same way as you. That is why many of them start offering tools and resources like blogs to help other aspiring bodybuilders.

Their blogs are a veritable treasure trove of information, plans, ideas, stories and more! All of these bloggers have but a simple goal. They wish to help address your concerns and clarify your doubts with whatever hurdle you are facing in your path to bodybuilding greatness! These blogs also offer you a solid community where you can interact and connect with other like-minded fitness lovers. Considering the immense variety out there, you can easily find blogs that meet your specific goals and needs.

We have decided to help you out in this pursuit by bringing you a list of some of the best bodybuilding bloggers right now! These blogs will offer you plentiful details and information about bodybuilding and more to help you out. We have gone through and have researched numerous blogs and writers to find the best of the best just for you.

So go ahead and add some or all of these blogs to your list in 2020! Be inspired and educated with these blogs and power up your bodybuilding regimens for greater gains in the new year. We have also included their Instagram handles wherever possible to motivate you.

Let’s get started!

P.S.: We have not listed the bloggers in any specific order. It is simply a collection of what we believe are among the best out there!

1. Ross Enamait



Ross Enamait has been a trainer and a boxing coach for more than 15 years. In his blog, he often talks about his training philosophy along with his programs. There are various guides on using different bodybuilding tools and gears. You will also find lots of informative articles and snippets that cover a wide variety of fitness subjects, not only boxing. Bodybuilding is also covered at times. After all, there is some overlap between the various fitness disciplines.

Ross Enamait

One of the most interesting things about the training routines featured in this blog is their homemade nature. Ross makes it a point to feature a lot of objects and tools that can be made easily at home. He often posts guides on making those, allowing everybody to have their own set of home equipment without needing to spend a lot of money. The next time you wonder why you cannot train effectively at home, give this blog a try.

2. Jason Ferruggia



You may have already heard of Jason Ferruggia, especially if you are an avid follower of fitness mags like Maximum Fitness, ESPN, Men’s Health or Muscle & Fitness. Having been in the fitness business for over 25 years, Ferruggia has been a prolific contributor to many fitness publications over the years. Jason also runs a fitness consultancy business. He has also begun to run a podcast which often features guests from the world of fitness such as dieticians, athletes, trainers and more. The podcast is a great way to stay on top of the latest happenings in fitness, bodybuilding and more.

Jason Ferruggia

The blog provides a range of well-written articles covering various topics related to fitness for beginners and pros alike. A point of interest for all is his articles on motivation. Jason often talks about achieving dreams, making improvements in life and more. All of this makes his blog worth following by all fitness enthusiasts.

3. Joe DeFranco



Joe DeFranco is another well-known personality in the fitness world. His website, DeFranco’s Training, isn’t just a blog. It is also the website for his gym which is located in Austin, Texas. DeFranco has been in the fitness industry since 1999. Over the years, he has trained several professionals in various athletic endeavors. His list of clients includes pros from the NHL, the UFC, the WWE, the MLB, and the NHL. In addition to his blog, Joe also runs a popular podcast where he talks about fitness news, events, training and more. There is no denying his popularity as a fitness influencer as he has over 120k followers on Instagram alone.

Joe DeFranco

His blog is filled with posts that cover exercise routines and training methods. He also provides advice for all fitness enthusiasts, regardless of their disciplines. You can also sign up for the blog’s newsletters to get the latest tips and advice from DeFranco himself.

4. Scooby Werkstatt



One of the first things you’ll notice about Scooby’s website is how simple everything is. As mentioned in his blog, Scooby didn’t start off working out at a young age. In fact, he only started bodybuilding when he was 21 years old. Now, he is in his 50s but still in great shape. His blog is filled with exercise routines, workouts, facts on nutrition, news and more. It covers the basics as well as the advanced so there is something for everyone here.

Scooby Werkstatt

Unlike most other bloggers, Scooby has a more personal approach towards his posts. That makes his blog a rather interesting read while being informative as well. In his blog, he documents his philosophies, lifestyle and how bodybuilding turned his life around. If you have been looking for something to motivate you in your workouts, you need to give this blog a try.

5. Lee Hayward



Lee Hayward’s website has been around since 1999. However, he was into bodybuilding much longer before that, since he was 12 to be precise. As such, there is no denying his experience on the matter. Through his website, Hayward aims to help others who want to build muscles and get into bodybuilding. As such, this might be better suited for those who are just getting into the world of bodybuilding and wish to transform themselves.

Lee Hayward

Hayward’s blog posts are filled with advice on nutrition and workouts. He also posts informative articles on exercises and workouts designed to help you make the most of what you got. Lee Hayward even offers an online coaching program to help others with bodybuilding. His methods do get results for his followers. This is evident in the several success stories of his students that Lee often posts on his blog.

6. Dorian Yates



If you are a bodybuilder, you must have surely heard of Dorian Yates. He is a former Mr. Olympia who has won the competition 6 times and, that too, consecutively from 1992 to 1997. So, when he runs a blog, you know that you are going to get advice from someone who has actually gone ahead and stood at the top. His blog does not disappoint. It covers all aspects of bodybuilding from nutrition to the workouts. There is even a section on bodybuilding events.

Dorian Yates

It is important to note that the blog is a part of Dorian Yates’ online store where he sells bodybuilding supplements under his label, DY Nutrition. Nonetheless, the blog is a great source of information no matter what level of bodybuilding you are at. It is sure to help you out with your own workouts and goals.

7. Clarence Bass


Another preeminent figure of the bodybuilding world, Clarence Bass is hugely respected in the community. Many consider him to be a champion spokesman for a fit lifestyle but he is a bodybuilding champion as well. Despite being in his 80s, he still maintains a fantastic body for his age. However, his greatest ability, and a major reason for his fame, is keeping his body fat at an extremely low level. In fact, tests on his body composition on multiple occasions have checked his body fat as being less than 3%. How incredible is that?

Clarence Bass

His website, as expected, is filled to the brim with numerous informative articles. They cover all aspects of bodybuilding and fitness. There are also categories in motivation and general health. The site is regularly updated with the latest news on fitness research and more. If nothing else, the pictures of Clarence over the years alone will serve as an inspiration to bodybuilders.

8. Lori Braun



You must have heard about, the premier website for anything related to bodybuilding. However, Lori Braun had created years before that website came into existence. That makes the oldest website solely dedicated to female bodybuilding and one of the very first bodybuilding sites in general. Now, her website features innumerable blogs, articles, and videos all geared to helping exclusively women achieve success in bodybuilding. The website is updated every day by Braun and her team. If you are a woman looking to boost your bodybuilding gains, this is the website you should start at.

Lori Braun

Over the years, Braun has been a mentor and an inspiration to women bodybuilders in their athletic endeavors. For years, her website was the only one to focus exclusively on the needs of women’s health and bodybuilding. Through her work, Braun has helped uplift the women bodybuilders’ community.

9. Drew Baye


A highly regarded personal trainer, Drew Baye has been in the fitness field for several years. He is a former fitness model as well. During his professional career as a trainer, Baye has worked with innumerable clients, both amateurs and professionals. He has also served as a consultant for several companies all over the world. Baye puts a lot of focus on the science behind fitness and bodybuilding. As such, he always provides science-based answers to the burning questions of the field.

Drew Baye

Drew Baye is mainly known for his High-Intensity Training. However, his blog does not just deal with basic fitness and weight loss. The blog also deals with other aspects of fitness such as muscle building and even bodybuilding. If you are looking for a blog that gives you science-backed information that works, this blog is definitely worth checking out. Baye also provides workout guides, advice posts and training ideas in his blog.

10. Adam Bornstein



Another famous name in health and fitness circles, Adam Bornstein is a man of many talents. As a New York Times bestselling writer, he has authored 7 books, 3 of which are bestsellers in the fitness genre. He has also contributed articles to several notable fitness and muscle publications including the New York Times, Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, ESPN, GQ and more. He also served as the fitness editor for Men’s Health. Currently, he is the Chief of Nutrition at Ladder Sport as well. As such, you know he is the real deal. If that was not enough, he counts none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger and LeBron James as his clients, among other celebrities. Arnold even wrote the foreword for one of his books.

Adam Bornstein

All of that makes Born Fitness’s blog worth following. Born Fitness is one of the companies established by Bornstein. Its blog offers all kinds of advice to budding athletes including bodybuilders with a special focus on nutrition. Adam often contributes to the blog and his posts are informative and based on science, making them worth the read.

There are many other writers and bloggers out there delivering useful articles. However, we have tried to give you the best. We hope that you will find this list beneficial for reaching your own bodybuilding goals. Go ahead and check out these blogs during the holidays as you welcome 2020. We hope that you find success in bodybuilding with these blogs in the new year.

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