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Solution for Swollen Male Breasts and Sexual Problems

How Does a man fight the problem of swollen breasts? Similarly, how does a man come across the issues of low libido? How do you react when some of your friends poke you to say you have large breasts? Or maybe your wife complains about your low libido. I believe both are very intimate yet vital problems that a man faces in his life. It’s time to face both these problems with a brave heart and find a true solution for it. 

Let us speak about problems like low libido in the later part of the blog, but before that, I am going to tell you about the swollen breasts of men.

When Men get breasts, they are called Moobs. This may be a harmless condition but it surely makes life a misery. Large breasts can seriously be the reason for low confidence as it deforms the body shape or can cause several illnesses.

What are man Boobs and how can you reduce it?

Man, boobs are a serious problem for those obese people. Don’t you think that boobs look good on Women? But “Yes” there are men who have this deformity due to hormonal disbalance or being obese. Worry not! In case you are looking forward to getting over, the embarrassing situation of having moobs, MMUSA can help you.
Clinically both are serious problems, as they shape out the confidence of a man. Wondering if there is anything to sap out these honkers? Hope is there my Dear friend read on!
Moobs are the name given for Male breasts and “Yes” men do have breasts. But shapely man boobs are not appreciated and unfortunately, it is a sad reality.

What Gives Rise to Man Boobs?

According, to medical science the condition of man moobs is known as Gynocomastia. Gynecomastia is the abnormal growth of male breasts and it is a common condition in adolescent males where the young ones are burdened with a social complex of shame. If not treated it put many relationships of the patient with the community at risk.

What Causes Moobs?

  • Weight Gain: It is true that with weight gain our size of the breast increases and when we lose weight the breast size decreases. When we gain weight every aspect of our body does not plump up equally. There are a few spots that accumulate more fat, while there are others where the fat deposit is less. 
  • Hormonal Disbalance: According to my research the human body creates a lot of hormones. Two of the most common types are estrogen and testosterone. Testosterone is known as the male hormone. Gynecomastia is caused due to an increase in the estrogen-testosterone ratio. Oestrogen is the dominant female hormone responsible for the female development and characteristics and the testosterone being the male hormone. The imbalances between them lead to the enlargement of the breasts in the male.
  • Accumulation of Stubborn Fatty Deposits Near the Nipple: Fat deposits near the Nipple or areola leads to an overgrowth of the gland during the puberty age, which is temporary impairment of male-female hormones.
  • Medications and Lifestyle Habits That Cause Gynecomastia: Sometimes, behavior habits such as diets, eating compulsion, excess consumption of tobacco or alcohol, marijuana or over usage of drugs and medications play a major role in influencing the health. Also, certain drugs for treating various illnesses, to name a few like acne, purifying the blood, cholesterol, epilepsy, depression, diet, high blood pressure, ulcers, thyroid, heart problems may cause hormonal changes leading Gynecomastia.

Let’s take a look into the Solution

Male Boobs if detected at an early stage can be treated with the help of Supplements. Here are a  few other alternatives which will surely help you lose the fat accumulated around your breast.

  • Hit the Gym: Proper exercises and advice on a diet can help you reduce man boobs. Helpful exercises are pushups, Dumbbell bench press, floor pullover, pinch press and more.
  • Check Your Supplements: The supplements can bring you back into normal shape. Male balance reduces the unwanted estrogen and reverts into beneficial estrogen. Not only that, supplements available at MMUSA reduce the risk for obesity, mood swings and growth of man boobs. Therefore, in case you are you want to make yourself free from man boobs, check out male Balance from MMUSA.

  • Better Sleep for Healthy Hormone Production: Inadequate sleep can slow hormone production. Incomplete sleep will make you end up craving carbs. Therefore, the best way to lose weight is to sleep well and keep your body fit.

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Methods to Increase The Sex Drive

From the above causes, we have come to know that sex drive varies from person to person. Low libido or a poor sex drive can be problematic to some extent. If a person wishes to increase their libido then surely there are various ways. Here are the best ways to increase libido. 

  • Manage Anxiety and stress problems: Anxiety can make it difficult for someone to maintain the erection. Research on erectile dysfunction in younger men has shown that depression results in reduced libido. Therefore, you must manage your stress with a good amount of sleep, regular exercise, eating a nutritious diet, and if the situation gets worse speak with a therapist.
  • Focus on improving the relationship: A healthy relationship promotes sex drive between both the partners. If your relationship is not going well then positively focus on improving it. Plan dates, practice open communication, spend quality time, prioritize each other’s likes and dislikes.
  • Eat a nutritious diet: A nutritious diet can improve people’s sex drive by promoting good blood circulation. Eating a lot of veggies can prevent disorders and boost libido.
  • Quit Smoking: Studies have shown that nicotine is often related to low sex drive or libido. Smoking damages the blood circulation in many ways. It lowers the blood flow into your genitals and also give rise to erectile problems in men.
  • Moderate drinking habits: Too much alcohol can interfere with sexual functioning and also your sexual interest. Though moderate drinking can enhance your libido, you can make a routine.

Natural Libido supporting supplements are safe and natural. Whether your motive is to lose weight or to boost your sex drive, you just pick up a particular exercise schedule and allow yourself enough time for physical training. 

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