Beginners guide to Body Transformation for 2019

Our body always plays an important role in boosting our confidence. The emotional toll of obesity can intimately entangle yourself and you will surely look for ways to reduce the weight in minimum timings. Follow this Beginners guide to Body Transformation for 2019 for the best results.

It is absolutely not necessary to kill yourself in the gym for slimming down. Rather a good amount of exercise and a proper diet can give you better results. Though there are easy exercises that you can continue doing at your home, we do prefer to take guidance from the experienced.

We all know that losing fat through exercise can give you good result but it is advised to stay away from body shaming. Liposuction may give a great body after the treatment but if you discontinue your routine diet and start the consumption of an unhealthy diet the eliminated fat is bound to accumulate in your body and give a disproportioned shape.

10 Habits That Can Help You Lose Weight

To maintain a healthy lifestyle and also stay away from diseases like diabetes and depression you must follow this routine:

Consume a high protein breakfast: Breakfast is considered as an important part of the daily meal. Start the day with a healthy breakfast consisting of high proteins. Choose between plant proteins, milk-based proteins, animal proteins, protein supplements. Protein Shakes after workout can reduce your post-meal cravings more effectively. Protein decreases the level of a hunger hormone called the ghrelin. Check our Super Green Serum (Men) for effective frat losing results. Mentioned below is chart showing the percentage of protein content in the following varieties of dairy products.

Do not forget to dedicate a good amount of time exercising: Cardio exercises are good for beginners. And slowly you can tune your body for cycling, weight lifting, aerobics, yoga and more. Not all types of exercise suit every body type and give results. Speak with a trainer and he/she will surely guide you.

Drink Plenty of Water: Start your day by drinking plenty of water. Research has shown that people who drink 16.9 ounces of water has a 30% increase in their metabolic rate. On the other hand, another study suggests obese women who can increase their water consumption to 35 ounces per day can enjoy losing 2kgs in a year without having to change the daily diet.

Routine Exercise: Routine exercise must be done within full concentration and not as if you are forced to do so. Mind-fullness in practice makes you concentrate and thus Exercising in the morning can help you maintain your blood sugar levels and keep it steady all day long. If you have a 9 to 5 working-hours make sure that you get your exercise daily or at alternative days in the morning.

Stay in the sun: Sun gives us vitamin D and staying in the sun for an extra few minutes can kickstart the process of burning fat. Vitamin D has the power to prevent weight gain. Therefore, make it a routine to give your body 10 to 15 minutes of sunlight if you want effective weight loss results.

Sleep for longer hours: Sleep is very essential to repair the body muscles. Lack of sleep is often linked with an increase in calories. Therefore, establish a healthy sleeping schedule of a minimum of 6 hours and a maximum of 8 hours.

Walk often: Research says that people who travel in their car, tend to gain more weight. Whereas those who travel in public transport, or have a good amount of walking have a lesser risk of weight gain.

Stop Eating late at night: Eating late at night can elevate cholesterol levels. Whether you are eating snacks or dinner you are going to watch movies or playing games after that. Which means no exercise and thus it can interfere with the normal circadian function. Moreover, eating late night can alter the hormonal function of insulin, and glucagon. To minimize nighttime eating the negative effects of nighttime eating consume your food early in the evening and choose a high protein snack. Avoid large meals before bedtime.

Keep a track of your weight: Yes, keeping a track of your weight can make you more responsible. If you wish to lose weight at a healthy level daily monitoring is essential. Start by tracking your body weight followed by measuring the fat loss.

Follow a Food journal for Inspiration: If you get lost from your goal following the journals can make get you back. Inspiration is always a smart way to embrace positivity and learn a lot for your journey. Not only a food journal you must also look for the most trending exercises following a fitness journal. These journals will enable you to track your food intake and help you to decide what kind of foods will be right for you. What you must remember is losing weight is not a simple or an easy task. There will be errors, but with experience, you will become victorious.

How to retain the deficient protein in the body?

It is not a secret that athletes and bodybuilders intake protein supplements in their day to day training schedules. The protein supplements are available in the powdered formula or pills. Intaking protein supplements during breakfast can help you retain your body deficiency. Make sure that you consult with your nutritionist to help you choose the right supplements and fix your daily diet.

Routine exercise can help you lose your weight and critical for muscular repair, therefore when Benefits of Consuming Protein supplements:

• Increases Aerobic Capacity

• Trims Body Fat

• Maintains Weight Loss

• Protects Joints

• You Will Feel Trimmer, Slimmer and More Confident

Goat protein powder for women, Ultra Thermo Serum (Men), Ultra Thermo Serum (Women) can help in burning fat faster. Not only that, these products are efficient enough to restore the lost protein in the body along with raising the body’s metabolic rate, enhancing the body’s oxygen uptake, and helping you to support extreme cardio exercises.

How to Intake Protein Supplements?

When combined with the right exercise protein supplements are designed to promote the muscles. Normally these supplements are taken by mixing it with milk, fruit juices, and water.

Not only that you can also add protein powder to your regular diet. You can add the protein powder in your pancakes by swapping 1/3rd of flours from the recipe. Another extremely effective way to intake proteins is by mixing the powder with Yoghurt. All you need to do is add one spoonful of protein powder with 1 spoonful of Yoghurt and stir until it gets smooth.

Advantages of consuming Super Green Serum

• Trims Body Fat

• Maintains Weight Loss

To help you make a good start of your day also consider protein sources like eggs, nuts, chia seeds, Yoghurt and more.


Making a few changes in the daily diet, a good amount of exercise and intaking the right amount of protein supplements is the beginners guide to lose weight and become fit. The objective of these tips are to guide you to take proper decisions. In case you want to know more about our products visit our website, or call us at 1-888-231-4703.

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